There was a question posed to a friend of mine that I think we’ve all wondered.  What if I mess up again?

My friend was trying to convince his buddy that he’s not going to overcome his porn struggles by himself and that he needed a community to get free with…The Endurance.

My friend’s buddy had not known anything about The Endurance or about the Freedom Fight.  He was interested and deep down he longed for a community where he could “get real” but he asked a question that if we were honest with ourselves, we are all asking…

“What if I mess up… again?  Will I get kicked out?!”

I’ve been there.  I’ve asked that question.  Guys don’t like to admit they have failed at something.  The initial porn struggle confession is hard enough, but knowing that you might mess up again in the future and have to confess it all over again?! HECK NO! I think I’d rather eat dog food!

Have you every noticed it’s easier to talk about our struggles in past tense, but current struggles?  Hmm, I’ll pass.

But I have learned that the absolutely the best thing for me is to talk about my struggles…in the current tense! And it feels so good when you share it…I’m not joking.  You just need a place where you can share it.

So here was the answer my friend gave his buddy. 

“Bro! That is the exact opposite of what will happen. You will not get kicked out, you’ll actually get high-fived if you were to share you messed up again! Transparency and vulnerability is king!”

He kept going,

The guys in The Endurance know and expect you to mess up again.  We’ve been training our brains to go to porn and other stuff for years. We aren’t going to retrain it over night! We know it’s a process, and there will be mess ups a long the way!”

My friend’s buddy face lit up.  It was like he was discovering ice cream for the first time.  Someone finally understood.

That’s all he needed to hear.  He was in.

That’s awesome if you have a community of guys that you can be fully transparent with and know that you’ll still be accepted and encouraged to overcome.  Most guys don’t.  That’s why we are creating The Endurance.   Read more below about our Beta Launch.


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