The Endurance is a community of men that are each committed to identifying their God given race and pursuing it with other men.  We are committed to identifying and removing any obstacles in our life that might keep us from running that race.  


Vulnerability with one another. 

Honesty with ourselves, with others, and with God.

Courage to do the hard thing.

Developing ourselves.  When we get better others get better. 

Compassionate towards others.

Generous towards others with our blessings.

Serving others.


To see 100,000 men Running Free. 

What we measure:

1. How many men did we educate on what it takes to get free from porn and other unwanted sexual behavior?

2. How many in The Endurance are serving in their local church? How many started serving for the first time this year?

3. How many guys were in a small group that practiced vulnerability? (either through us or their church or another organization) 

4. How many guys are Running Free?  (Running Free = identified a vision for their life and are pursuing it and they have identified obstacles and have overcome them.  2 years of freedom to qualify as overcoming.)