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2020 Pre-Launch.

What challenge are you currently facing? Everyone is facing something? Who is going to help you overcome this challenge?  The Endurance is a place where guys can get help from other guys (and with zero judgement!)

The most important thing is to try and inspire people so that they can be great in whatever they want to do. - Kobe

When You Join The Endurance:

1. Identify and clarify your God given race for your current season

2. With other guys, run your race with full perseverance or endurance

3. Identify any hindrance to running your race and with the help of others "throw it off"

Pre-Launch Plan

$29.97 /month

$9.97 /month

For Life!

  • Challenge of the Week
  • Mobile App
  • Connected to a community
  • Exclusive Member’s Only Podcast
  • 5 Steps to Becoming a Better You ($47)
  • The Freedom Fight ($300)
  • Access to join Mastermind groups
  • Annual Endurance Bracket Challenge ($97)
  • Engage in the “Question of the Week”
  • Scripture of the Week
  • Start the 30 Day Challenge Today!
  • Easy to Cancel or Pause Your Membership Anytime!

College Student?


Where we connect…

Here’s a taste of our community…

Recent posts:

  • A new article was posted called “How Long Does it Actually Take to Form a New Habit? (Backed by Science)
  • A short 3 min video was posted called “The Fool Precedes The Master” by Jordan Peterson
  • Challenge of the Week: Ask someone in your life “How Can I Serve You Better?”
  • A Tim Keller article was posted under the topic “Better Husbands”
  • One of the members started a discussion asking the question, “How do you lead your wife spiritually?”
  • A short article called 15 Rules for Raising Kids was posted in “Dad Life”
  • An article called “10 Things to Do While You’re Single” was posted in “Not Married”
  • One of the members posted their New Habits in the course “Welcome to 5 Steps to Becoming a Better You”
  • A meetup for lunch was just scheduled in Tulsa and OKC (more cities coming soon!)
  • A member recommended a show called “The Chosen” on Vidangel

Ways to describe our app:

  • Think Facebook, but the content that is posted is beneficial to your life and coming from like minded guys!

  • Think Facebook, but now you are not the product.  (There is a reason Facebook is FREE!)

  • Think Facebook, because there are groups you can join within The Endurance.

  • Think Masterclass, but a community of like minded people. (Our course library is currently very small but awesome and it’s growing!)

  • Think CrossFit, but instead of just a workout you are doing with other people, you are doing life.  There are challenges of the week… they are sometimes physical in nature but they also cover all areas of life.


But what are they saying?…

The Endurance is for any man who wants to get better, grow in his walk with God and be around other guys who are like-minded. Blake has been a personal friend of mine for over 15 years,and I have a tremendous amount of respect for him and what he's doing with The Endurance. I'm personally excited to be a part of it.

Joe Huff

Fantastic organization! The founder, Blake Brewer, has a great vision for building a community among men to help them go the distance together, continually growing and becoming the men they were created to be and leave an honorable legacy. Awesome guys and the resources available are extremely helpful. A worthwhile investment for any man interested in fulfilling his God-given destiny!

Kirby Andersen

The Endurance is an incredible community of men committed to sharpening one another. I can't recommend joining highly enough!

Austin Sheehy

Benefits to Joining The Endurance

The greatest determining factor of who you become is the men that you surround yourself with.  We need to be surrounded by winners.


In The Endurance, you’ll be a part of a community of guys just like you, facing similar challenges and pushing towards a common goal. You’ll have the opportunity to join in on daily and weekly challenges that will put you ever closer to becoming the man you want to be. 


Membership benefits include: 

  • Build strong healthy habits into your life
  • Small groups for accountability and support
  • Freedom Fight
  • Posts filled with news, challenges, and encouragement
  • Devos to get everyday started on the right track
  • Weekly podcasts featuring interviews with MLB All-Stars, Best Selling Authors, and everyday guys doing extraordinary things 
  • Endurance Meet Ups

Ready to Run Free?!

But who’s in?












We’d love to add you! Email


What type of commitment does this take?

  • As much or little as you want.  Some guys use it like Facebook…they read some of the articles and comments, listen to the podcast, and that’s it.  But then some guys jump into one of our small groups that meet weekly online (or in person)! It’s up to you!

Does it matter where I live?

  • Nope, guys live all over the country.  We now have members in 20 different states!

What will happen right after I join?

  • After clicking on the link that gives you access to The Endurance, you’ll create an account real quick (takes less than 5 seconds), and then you’ll be able to look around the platform/app.  And pretty sure afternoon that you’ll receive a message from me saying something like this, “You made it!!! Welcome to The Endurance!  So glad you are here!  How’s it going today?!”

The Endurance brings together men who are ready to run their race with full endurance and help other men do the same.