Yesterday morning I had a pretty comical and embarrassing experience.I keep forgetting to put out the trash on Monday nights and at 7 am I heard the garbage truck outside. I ran outside to see the garbage truck down at my neighbors…he had already passed by.

  Only one thing to do at that point. I grabbed the garbage truck and started wheeling it down the street full speed ahead. I was chasing the truck and he wasn’t slowing down!  Right when I finally made it to the truck, he sped up to the next house! Surely he saw me in the rear view mirror!? Or maybe he was just wanted to see me run!?

 I had to really humble myself to keep running…I finally caught him.  I was able to get one house ahead of him and I lined my trash can against the curb as if that’s where it belonged all along.  He took it! 

Then I had the walk of shame back home for all of my neighbor to see!


I couldn’t help but think of the similarities between chasing that truck and me trying to reach my goals every year.  I always seem to forget about them for a while so they pass me by. Then I am left chasing after them. And right when they are in reach I get side tracked and there they go! 

This past weekend at The Endurance Live Event, with 25 other guys, I sat through the best workshop I’ve been in on setting goals.  Kirby Andersen killed it.   

All 25 of us are now going through Kirby’s online course – 5 Steps to Becoming A Better You This Year – and are learning how to set our target statements for the year in the things that matter most, how to develop new habits, daily affirmations, etc.  

My vision for myself and my family have never been so clear and it’s the most confident I have ever been in actually seeing my goals come true! 

I am feeling good about 2020. My prayer is that 2020 might be the best year for all of us!

 Run Free, 

Blake Brewer

 P.S. I’m sure you’ve got a great plan for 2020 but if you want some help tightening it up… for the next 7 days only, 5 Steps to Becoming A Better You this Year, is included in The Endurance membership ($9.97/month). Would love to have you join us!  Click here for more info.

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