How To Get People To Your Conference

There are people that you know and love that would benefit from attending your life changing retreat or conference. Let's get them there!

I have created this course for you assuming that you have a conference or retreat that is worth getting people to.  Are there people you know who would benefit from your conference but they just aren’t signing up?


In a world where individuals spend lots of money and time getting better at selling their widget, I believe as ministry leaders we should spend equal or more time learning how to clearly explain the life impacting conferences/retreats that we are inviting people to.


I hate the thought of a student not attending our life changing conference because I wasn’t equipped to clearly explain our conference and how it would be beneficial for him or her.


It’s not about getting more people just for the sake of getting more people. We want to get more people to our conference because I believe each and every person is important and valuable.



This course is not produced with high quality cameras or special effects.  But I do share with you the knowledge that I gained from the experiences of recruiting guys and girls to our conferences and retreats for the past 15 years.


One year we took 28 students and we were fired up!  That was a great number for us and it was because we applied the things that I will teach in my course.  A few years later we took over 400 students (70% nonbelievers) from that same campus.  That was a great number for us and it was because we applied the principles in this course.


If I had to guess, there are people on your campus that would go and benefit from your conference if they were just invited in the right way.

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