I would like to suggest a mindset that many of you naturally already have.  The mindset of “How Can I add value?”  It’s a great short term mindset but you’ll reap the benefits in the future.

It dawned on me last night as I was reading the story book Bible with my 4 year old daughter that Joseph was a man that added value to those around him no matter the circumstance.

Through quite a precarious and unforeseen set of events, Joseph went from being the golden child to a slave for Potiphar.  

But under Potiphar he flourishes. He takes his God given natural abilities and adds value where he can in Potiphar’s household.  He worked hard.  He became trustworthy.  He followed through.  He was faithful. He had no promise that good things were going to happen but how could it not?  He was eventually promoted to be in charge of the entire household. 

And yes we know the Lord should get all the credit for his success,  in the same way that the Lord is behind all of our successes.  

Then through another set of precarious and unforeseen circumstances Joseph gets thrown in jail.

What does he do in jail?  He adds value to those he can with what he has.  God gives him the ability to interpret dreams so he does.  So when given the opportunity, he takes the time (which to be fair he had a lot of it!) to interpret two guys’ dreams.  There was no immediate benefit to himself but he does it anyway.

Skipping ahead to  Genesis 41, two years after being thrown in jail, we find out there ended up being a benefit to him interpreting dreams.  Joseph finds himself in charge of all the land of Egypt.   Then, a few chapters later, Joseph is saving his family from starvation!

Wow what a turn of events!

How did he get here? By adding value to people as he could no matter the circumstance.  

A question I am asking myself…Could  I be adding more value to the people around me?  My family? My work?  The answer is usually yes.

Adding value to those around us, as we can, when we can, no matter the circumstance, is always worth it.  You sometimes get to see the benefits in the short term, but you always will in the long run. 

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