“Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us strip off every weight that slows us down, especially the sin that so easily trips us up. And let us run with endurance the race God has set before us.”

— Hebrews 12:1

There’s More Pressure in the World Than Ever Before.

I know what it’s like to feel all the pressure of the world on you to do the right thing.  To do the right thing for your wife, kids, career, church, etc. The pressure is all there.  Even before I met my wife, I was feeling all of those pressures. Getting married and having kids just made them real.

Sometimes it seems like everyone else has it all together and knows what they are doing. 

A couple of scrolls through Facebook or Instagram and you would think so. The longer I live though, I realize that’s not true.   Most guys don’t know what they are doing.

We are doing the best we can, but we are always left with those questions, “Could it be better?  Could I be better?”


And to be honest, the answer is yes. I can be better.  You can be better. I know because I’ve seen myself get better. Areas that I lacked in are no longer holding me back. 

Most of us are not living up to our potential.

It could be a lack of vision or goals. For some, it could be a negative mindset that’s holding them back.  “I’m not good enough” or “That’s just not who I am” or “This is how I was raised so I’ll always be like this.”

For a lot of guys, it’s just some bad habits, the lack of a good system.  Guys have bad habits of alcohol, porn,  watching too much TV, or living their life virtually on social media. For some guys it’s an identity issue. They are lacking a solid relationship with their Creator. 

Freedom to Run Your Race

There’s a better way to do life.   Doing it alone just isn’t going to cut it.  There’s too many people depending on us.  When we get better, everyone in our circle benefits.  

When we can come together with other guys and share our fears, our dreams, and our struggles without judgement.. we can go a long way.  Places that were not attainable are now within reach. 


This is The Endurance.  A place where men like you and me can come together and find our true calling and purpose, our individual God given race. The Endurance is also a place where we can be set free from anything that might hinder us from running that race.


How much does it cost?

The Endurance is membership based — similar to CrossFit or other Mastermind communities.   

If you join during the Limited Time Beta Launch:

  • 7 day trial for $1
  • $9.97 monthly membership for life ($30 a month value)
  • $99 initiation fee waived
  • Freedom Fight program included ($300 value)
  • How To Get People To Your Conference Course ($99)
  • Access to all courses (adding new ones monthly)
  • Welcome to Adulting,  Atomic Habits, or Rethinking Sexuality Book ($15 value)
  • Freedom Fight Manual ($17.50 value)
  • The Endurance T-Shirt ($15 value)
  • 2 month money back guarantee, no questions asked

Use the coupon code “beta” to receive the Beta Membership Package!

Why does it cost?

Nothing worth doing is free, and we only want guys in our community that are committed to investing a little bit in themselves. While there are many donors for The Endurance, the monthly fee helps offset some of the costs.

How will The Endurance help me be a great Freedom Fight small group leader?

We’ll give you the tools to recruit a group, an outline for your small group time including your first meeting, and a private community online with other Endurance leaders across the nation.  You’ll be able to ask any question and get a response from the staff or a seasoned leader.

Is everyone in The Endurance going through the Freedom Fight?

While we are always excited to help a guy go through The Freedom Fight not all guys in The Endurance join to go through The Freedom Fight.

If I want to be in a Freedom Fight group, how do I get in one?

Several different ways.  You could join The Endurance with some friends that will be in your Freedom Fight group.  This could be friends from school, from your church, from back home, work, etc. If you don’t have a group or a complete group, we will get you into a group!  Once a member of The Endurance, just head to the Freedom Fight page.