No one will ever forget 9/11.

I recently saw an amazing photo of the twin towers with smoke billowing up into the sky.  What was amazing was at the bottom of the photo though.
When you look closely you notice a fire engine heading towards the towers.  I’m trying to imagine myself in that fire engine heading towards those towers.
Apparently all of those men in that fire engine lost their life that day.
These guys were brave. They had courage.   And their sacrifice was not in vain.
What would you have done that day if you were those firemen?
Would you have rushed towards the buildings to save some or would you have run away?
I have a feeling you would have been right there with them rushing towards the twin towers. 
We have a similar situation in front of us today.  It’s not the twin towers that have been hit or planes used as missiles that have caused the damage.
What we’ve been hit by is a porn epidemic and what’s been hit is men and women all across the country.  Guys and girls are being taken out left and right.
Planes were created for good but were used for evil on that day.
Human sexuality was created by God for good but is being used for evil.
This issue is bigger than 9/11 in terms of number of people hit yet no one is talking about it.
While most are running away from the problem, we need some heroic men to step up and run towards it…just like those brave first responders on 9/11.
Will you consider stepping up?
You probably don’t even know what that means to step up. I didn’t.    And if you are like me and most guys I know, you need to learn how to overcome it yourself.  I can tell you it won’t be easy.
But I can promise you this….It Will Be Worth It! 
You will never regret stepping up.
Lives will be saved.  Marriages and future marriages will be saved.  Men can be the dad’s that God called them to be.   It will be worth it!
Why run your God given race with a limp when you can be running at full speed with full endurance?!
Can I give you a very easy next step?
The Endurance Beta launch is coming within the next week.  I’d love for you to join this community with hundreds of other guys.  Guys are joining because not just because they want to step up, but because they want a place where they can be real and vulnerable in their attempt to step up.
It’s $9.99 a month and the $100 initiation will be waived if you join this fall.
If you already know you want to join The Endurance Beta, I’d love to have you join the Launch Team. 
Click here to join and I’ll add you to the secret FB group.
 (If you don’t have FB but still want to be on the Launch Team let me know!
Run Free,
Blake Brewer

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