5 Steps To Becoming A

Better You This Year


$47!  Included in The Endurance Membership!

Become the person you truly want to be—and were created to be—simply and sustainably!

Learn How To:

- Determine what you really want to be different in each area of your life.
- Form new habits to move you toward that something better.

- Stay focused with a simple daily exercise that can take less than a couple minutes.
- Track your progress and keep the momentum going.

- Leverage the power of your closest relationships to help you become who you want to be—and were created to be!

What You’ll Get:

  • 6 short video lessons
  • Downloadable interactive lesson notes and worksheets
  • Step by step instruction—no guess work!
  • Supplemental information and resources
  • Loads of encouragement!

About Kirby Andersen:

There’s only one thing Kirby loves more than learning things that make him a better person—it’s helping others take steps forward to hit the mark they were created for. He’d love to have the opportunity to do that for you. Visit his site and sign up to get updates from him via email.