Run Free! 

Are you leaving the legacy you were meant to leave?
God has given each of us a legacy to leave and a race to run. Do you have the skills, vision, and community necessary to run your God given race so that you can leave your God given legacy?

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Where The Journey Takes You

Most men are not living up to their full potential and we are not designed to reach our goals alone. So we struggle on, stumbling over obstacles and temptations while the summit looms forever on the horizon.

The Endurance changes all that.

The Endurance helps you shatter your old habits and transforms you into the man God has designed you to be.

The Endurance surrounds you with a community of like-minded men who inspire each other to push further, faster, higher.

While other men are waiting to get their ducks in a row, you can become a Full Endurance Man.

Meet The Man
You Are About To Become

A Full Endurance Man:

  • Has a God-sized vision for his life and his family
  • Relies fully on God for his source of strength
  • Actively battles temptation and sin using skills, reinforced habits, and accountability— and wins
  • Is continuously sharpened by other men who share in each others’ burdens and spur one another on.

No man wants to get to the end of his life and realize he left something on the table. Do you?

Be the Man
You Are Called to Be

We understand what it feels like to be struggling in different areas like your relationships, career, and finding meaning in everyday life. We know how hard it can be to get all of your ducks in a row.

Foundationally, we know that men grow in community with one another. Through mentorship, partnership and sharing of burdens – you should not have to go through life alone.

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Start Leaving Your Legacy

Run Your Race with The Endurance and you will can and will leave the legacy that God has given you to leave.

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