Run Free! 

A faith based mastermind community for fathers and future fathers.
God has given each of us a legacy to leave. Do you have the skills, vision, and community that will allow you to be the Dad that you really want to be?

Where The Journey Takes You

The Endurance is home to men – just like you – who want to reach their full potential.

 We recognize that left to ourselves we will not become the Dad that God has called us to be.  We will not leave the legacy that we were meant to leave.  

We are coming together with other Dads (and future Dads) that we can learn from, that we can share with and that can us push further, faster, higher.

While other men are waiting to get their ducks in a row, we are taking action.

Meet The Man
You Are About To Become

Dads that are Running Free:

  • Has a God-sized vision for his life and his family
  • Rely fully on God for his source of strength
  • Actively battles temptation and sin using skills, reinforced habits, and accountability— and wins
  • Is continuously sharpened by other men who share in each others’ burdens and spur one another on.
  • Encourages, has compassion on, and lends a hand out to another man no matter where he is in his journey.

We don’t want to get to the end of his life and realize we left something on the table.

Be the Man
You Are Called to Be

We understand what it feels like to be struggling in different areas like your relationships, career, and finding meaning in everyday life. We know how hard it can be to get all of your ducks in a row.

Foundationally, we know that men grow in community with one another. Through mentorship, partnership and sharing of burdens – you will no longer feel like you are going at this by yourself.

Start Your Journey


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Go Through the Run Free Challenge!

Being apart of this community pushes me to be a better man. – Jason 


Start Leaving Your Legacy

Run Your Race with The Endurance and you will can and will leave the legacy that God has given you to leave.

The Live Event was a success! We’ll release details when we get the next one on the calendar!